Mold Remediation

The Causes of Mold

If you have any mold damage in or around the West Covina area, you’ll need to have it taken care of as soon as possible. Mold is one of the most dangerous side effects of water damage. For one thing, it’s often unnoticed. Mold can grow within the walls, air conditioning ducts, and other places that are out of sight. While standing water can cause mold, if that water isn’t removed correctly, it can actually cause mold damage to become worse.

Another cause of mold you may not notice right away is a small leak. Any sort of leak that results in standing water can cause mold, especially if that leak happens to be in an area that is warm and dark. Leaks like this can occur for months without anyone noticing, leading to wide-spread mold growth.

Our West Covina Plumbing team is made up of a number of mold remediation experts. We can assess your home or business for mold damage and come up with a comprehensive plan to eliminate it all.

Mold Remediation Services in West Covina

  • Assess mold damage
  • Remove mold
  • Repair any damage done
  • Check for mold spores and pollutants in the air
  • Make certain your home/business is safe for you to occupy
  • Provide guaranteed services

Note that if you have a newer home, it may actually be more susceptible to mold damage than older homes. That’s because newer home construction methods are focused on reducing the cost of heating and cooling. On the downside, by building homes this way, the air isn’t able to circulate as well. Moisture can easily get trapped within the walls, resulting in the growth of mold. Leaks and floods can cause even more mold growth.

Mold Can Affect Your Health

Mold can negatively impact your health, especially if you’re exposed to it long-term. That’s why mold removal in the West Covina area and surrounding areas is so vital. Being exposed to mold for just a short time can cause breathing difficulties, headaches, and nausea, while long-term effects include heart problems, mental difficulty, and chronic bronchitis, just to name a few dangers. Mold releases spores and mycotoxins that can spread throughout your home. This means that no matter where the mold is physically, it is still harmful in other parts of the home.

If you have any mold or suspect you do, contact us immediately to assess the situation.

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