Leak Detection

West Covina Leak Detection can solve any slab leak your home may encounter. A slab leak will develop when the piping installed under a concrete slab leaks. The pipe can leak for quite a while before it is detected. Older homes, usually built prior to 1970, often installed galvanized steel pipe under the concrete slab. If you suspect your home is experiencing a slab leak or you want to be sure there is no leak, contact West Covina Leak Detection for advice or to schedule an evaluation.

There are signs your home may be experiencing a slab leak and include finding hot or warm spots on the floor. That is an indication of a leak in a hot water line. If you hear water running, but know all the water faucets are shut off, that is an indication of a water leak, either hot or cold. Usually by the time hot or warm spots or the sound of running water appears, the problem has passed the simple stage and is into the destruction stage if not addressed as soon as possible. No matter what causes the leak, West Covina Leak Detection will evaluate and solve the problem of water leaks and minimize damage as much as possible.

West Covina Leak Detection: Finding Leaks under the Slab

gas-leak-detectionWest Covina Leak Detection is equipped to locate water leaks under a concrete slab. The main cause of a water leak is the pipe has rusted to the point of pipe failure or the pipe was kinked or somehow bent during installation, causing the pipe to rust. Once a hole develops, it will only get bigger with time, and even if it rusts itself shut, the leak will redevelop and usually worsen.

Copper piping is often times installed under slabs in home built after 1970. Copper is a soft material, as compared to steel, and will become compromised if the pipe is damaged from installation or installed in improper pipe bedding. The damaged copper pipe can develop a leak just as easily as a steel pipe. No matter type of pipe is leaking, it still needs to be repaired, or replaced. If you suspect there is a leaking pipe in your home, call West Covina Leak Detection and schedule an appointment to discuss the problem or a home consultation and evaluation.

Galvanized steel pipe is subject to rust and corrosion when the galvanization wears off the pipe and is no longer protecting the pipe. Steel pipe rusts from the inside out and can be rusting for a while before it develops a leak. The galvanization is meant to protect the pipe from rusting through.  If you suspect a leak, or just want to make sure the piping in your home is not compromised in any manner, call West Covina Leak Detection specialists and discuss your concerns with them.

West Covina Leak Detection: How Does leak Detection Work?

Leaks are detected through a process called electronic leak detection. Specially made equipment is used to locate the leaks and the West Covina Leak Detection specialists have been trained to operate the equipment and locate any leaks. If you suspect your piping system has been compromised in any way and developed leaks, Call West Covina leak Detection for professional service.

leak-detectionThe leak detection process is carried out in three phases. The first phase includes measuring decibel levels at all of the fixtures in the house. The readings will indicate which line is leaking and the size of the leak. The pipe locator meter is used to locate the pipe and trace the path of the pipe line. Once the path has been determined, the next step is to locate the exact location of the leak with the leak locator meter.

There are two repair options available when repairing or replacing a leaky pipe. The first option is to remove a portion of the concrete slab, remove a portion of the compromised pipe and install a new pipe section, then restore the concrete slab. The second option is to abandon the under slab pipe in place and replace it with new pipe via a different pipe route such as above the slab. Repiping the plumbing to an accessible location will make future pipe maintenance and repair work simpler. West Covina Leak Detection is the first specialist to call if you suspect water leaks in your home.

West Covina Leak Detection will be able to recommend the repair option that is right for you. Most of the time the right option is to abandon the existing pipe in place and install new copper piping. There will be other times when repairing the pipe in place will be the right repair option. For more information about leak detection, call West Covina Leak Detection and speak to the expert in the leak detection field.

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