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plumbing-sewer-repairWest Covina Plumbing offers professional drain cleaning, including pipe rooter service, and sewer repair. If your plumbing fixtures are slow to drain or there is an unpleasant odor emanating from any of your drains, call West Covina Drain Cleaning and West Covina Sewer Repair for professional service. West Covina Drain Cleaning and West Covina Sewer Repair will restore your drains and sewers to optimum working order. West Covina Plumbing is available 24 hours a day to respond to any and all emergencies. West Covina Plumbing understands the demands placed on homeowners and apartment dwellers today and will work to accommodate your schedule. West Covina Plumbing is the “go to” plumbing service of choice.

West Covina Sewer Repair

The information provided is meant to educate the average consumer about West Covina Drain Cleaning and West Covina Sewer Repair. The information will also help you become better acquainted with drains and sewers give you the know how to help extend the life of your drains and sewers.

hydroblastingWarning: the information disclosed is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be expert advice to allow you to perform certain maintenance and repair duties on your own. The West Covina Plumbing technicians are always available to perform the necessary repair and maintenance work. The West Covina Plumbing specialists are properly trained, licensed and experienced to evaluate the extent of the work necessary and to undertake the work. It is ill advised to attempt to perform the work yourself. It can be dangerous, not only for yourself, but also compromise the drain and sewer system, as well as your property. Call West Covina Plumbing services for all your plumbing needs.

West Covina Drain Cleaning and West Covina Sewer Repair specialize in all things drain and sewer related. With many years of experience behind them, West Covina Drain Cleaning and West Covina Sewer Repair are the ones to call.

There are a variety of ways a sewer can become compromised. The most common sewer problem is with roots growing into the piping system. Older piping systems constructed of clay pipe have joints every five feet and the roots often find the joints and grow through them. The roots survive on the water that passes through the pipes and keep the root system nourished and growing.

West Covina Sewer Repair has the knowledge and the tools and equipment to diagnose and repair any sewer problem your home may experience. West Covina Drain Cleaning and West Covina Sewer Repair are fully equipped to solve any drain and sewer problem. It is recommended to have regular maintenance performed on your drain and sewer systems and avoid expensive repairs later.

Sewer Cleaning and Repair

A clean out fixture is an access point on your sewer system that allows for inspection of the piping system and the introduction of maintenance tools. If your system was not outfitted with a clean out fixture when initially constructed, West Covina Sewer Repair can install one very easily. Using state of the art locating equipment, the pipes can be located and its route traced. Once the location is known, West Covina Sewer Repair will install the clean out structure at a convenient location with minimal disruption to the service. Once the installation is complete, the piping system will be fully accessible for maintenance and inspection.

The Word on Roots and the Damage they Can Cause to the Sewer System

high-pressure-drain-cleaninghe most common problem with clogged drain and sewer piping is roots growing into the pipe. The roots from trees and other nearby vegetation have the ability to break into clay piping very easily. Once in the pipe, the roots are nourished by the contents of the pipe and they continue to grow until they have completely blocked the pipe, causing backup and the resulting havoc at the front end of the system.

The remedy for roots growing in the pipe is to remove them and repair any damage that has resulted. West Covina Sewer Repair can easily root out the roots with a sewer snake. The sewer snake is a cable with a cutting instrument attached to the tip of it. The cable is snaked into the piping system, via the clean out fixture, and the cutting blade will chop the roots into small pieces. Another option to clear pipes of ingrown roots is hydro jetting. Hydro Jetting is a process that flushes the pipe with high pressure water at the rate of about 3000 PSI (pounds per square inch). West Covina Sewer Repair specialists are trained to perform root removal by either method and will assess the problem and recommend the most efficient method for you.

Residential and Commercial Drain and Sewer Video and Pipe Location

West Covina Plumbing is a specialist when it comes to the video inspection and location of a drain or sewer line. West Covina Plumbing has the ability to perform video inspections on pipes up to 8 inches in diameter and on pipes as small as 1-1/2 inch diameter. The video will capture the interior of the pipe and allow the plumbing specialists to observe the condition of the pipe without excavating the pipe.

Locating the pipes is an easy task with the proper pipe locating equipment. The measuring device locates the pipe through location pings and depth readings.  This type of service is used to locate a piping system and to verify repair work.

Sewer Relining Services

pipe-restorationWest Covina Plumbing offers an alternative to piping replacement. Relining a sewer or drain pipe can be accomplished without excavating your property. After the pipe is cleared of any blockage and hydro jetted clean, a lining system is introduced into the pipe. The material takes on the shape of the pipe and hardens in a matter of hours, making your piping system as good as new.


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