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Most homes constructed prior to 1970, were built using steel pipe for both hot and cold water. Steel pipes were often galvanized to protect the pipe from rust and corrosion. The galvanization wears off after a period of time,, and the steel pipe is exposed to the elements that cause rust and corrosion. Once the pipe begins to rust, it will eventually leak, and it will need to be replaced. If you are experiencing rusty water or low water pressure, call West Covina Copper Repiping, and a repiping specialist will evaluate the problem and offer a suitable solution.

West Covina Copper Repiping will elevate your Water Pressure

As the galvanized steel pipes rust, the water pressure and volume of water will reduce significantly. The answer is copper repiping. New copper piping will increase the water pressure as well raise the volume of water delivered to the plumbing fixtures. Discolored water is a sign the rust flakes are in the water playing havoc with the coloring. West Covina Copper Repiping will alleviate discolored water as well as water pressure and volume. The benefits of clean and clear water are a result of West Covina Copper Repiping.

Copper Repipe: What is the Process?

copper-repipingWest Covina Copper Repiping is the process of replacing old, rusted and corroded water distribution pipes with new copper piping. The West Covina Copper Repiping specialists are up to the different challenges each home presents. The West Covina Copper Repiping specialists are the experts to call when a piping solution is necessary. Most likely, the old pipes are installed beneath the concrete slab, but new copper pipes can be installed in the attic and run to all the plumbing fixtures in the house. That means there is no need to excavate the concrete floor. The existing pipes can be abandoned and left in place. West Covina Copper Repiping will install copper type “L” piping. An emergency shut off valve will also be installed at each fixture and stainless steel supply lines for each fixture from the shut off valve to the fixture.

West Covina Copper Repiping installs only American made products. The plumbing specialist will also install ¼ turn shut off valves at the water heater and water main. The valves are in place to give you the ability to shut off the flow of water in the event of an emergency. If you are repiping your home, it is a good idea to install the additional shut off valves, as well as other valves to the sink, tub and shower for extended service of your water distribution system. West Covina plumbing specialists are trained and experienced to perform any repiping job, no matter the challenges or complexity your house has to offer.

West Covina Copper Repiping specialists will be respectful of your property and cover all surfaces will suitable material to avoid damaging your property. The repiping specialist will also leave your property clean. If the repiping process results in opening walls to accommodate the work, expert drywall installers will patch the walls and they will look as good as new. Call West Covina Copper Repiping for more information about replacing the old pipes in your home.


If you are remodeling your home or upgrading just a portion of it, it is a good time to consider copper repiping as part of the project. It will be a most cost effective way to upgrade the piping in your home. West Covina Plumbing is experts at bathroom remodeling and often recommends repiping when other work is being performed. It makes good sense to replace the old piping when installing new fixtures. Before proceeding with any remodeling plans, call the specialist at West Covina Copper Repiping for information and plumbing advice.


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